Just like the Obamameter, the Nigerian Civil Society has launched Buharimeter to track the delivery of the promises President Muhammadu Buhari made while campaigning for the 2015 general elections. So don’t think it ended with campaigns, voting and the chants of Sai Buhari. Nigerians are really keen on holding the government to account.
According to Premium Times,The performance of the government will be measured using three methods.
(1) It will crowdsource Nigerians’ contributions to discussions, comments on policy pronouncements of the government in achieving its set targets and surveys.
(2) It will carry out policy and media monitoring exercise.
the Buharimeter app
(3) Physical checks on projects.
The app which was built by the Centre for Democracy and Development with support from Open Society Foundation West Africa and a leading budget data analytics, Budget was launched on Monday. ‎
“Policy statements will be acquired, analysed and used as basis for gauging the performance of the government,” Idaya Hassan, director of the centre stated.