Let me jump into this fight. My sole candidate for the Senate Presidency is His Excellency Senator Bukola Saraki simply because I once saw his father eat Amala at a party in Gbagada. My very good friend Feyi Banjoko was having a party for her cousin somewhere in Gbagada long time ago and she invited me. It was at this party that I met, the legendary Olusola Saraki, father to Bukola.
 I watched him very closely as he greeted everybody and carefully sat to eat his Amala and Ewedu soup. He devoured the food with so much vigor, he was very hungry that day and asked for extra Amala. When the Amala was not forthcoming he stretched and took my own. I was so proud, that I could ‎not wait to get home to tell my mum, that Olusola Saraki took my Amala.
Ever since, I have followed very closely the fortunes of this family, from the crashing of Societe Generale Bank, their family bank through Bukolas emergence as Governot and his fight with his Sister Gbemi. My understanding of the Saraki enigma was complete when I used to go to ilorin to beg the Present Governor for business as an Investment Banker when he was Commissioner of something.
 The man will sit me down and tell me how Bukola was the next best thing after Agege Bread. The man will talk and talk and at the end of the day, he will not give me the business and he will not even give me food or transport money. I used to imagine which kind Commissioner be this and be praying in my mind for him to loose election.
 So you see my long relationship with Bukola hence my support. So I am appealing to all Senators to please kindly elect Bukola Saraki as the next Senate President for all the reasons I have stated above. Thank yo‎u.
Written by -Joseph Edgar; an investment banker who writes as a hobby from a very interesting point of view. He blogs at josephedgarng.blogspot.com