Look my anger will boil over if and when my best Friend is bundled to America before he hands over his Rolls Royce to me. I am using this platform to send a very strong signal to all our enemies both local and international that they should stay away at least until I am able to convince Kashy to give me the Rolls.
But seriously, I sat him down one beautiful afternoon as we drank Palmwine, near OBJ’s hilltop mansion and asked him to look straight into my eyes and tell me the honest to God truth if he was the real drug baron that the Americans were looking for.
He stared deep into my eyes, his blood shot eyes peering into my sexy eyes and swears by the gods of his ancestors that it wasn’t him. That it was his lookalike brother that was the baron. I looked at him with disbelief but immediately I saw the Rolls Royce I immediately believed him. Look Kashy is an honest Nigerian, the only drug he has ever seen is paracetamol and even that sef, na me dey buy for am. I believe in his integrity and sportsmanship. It’s obj, Bode George, Stephen Keshi, Koro and Baba Suwe who have all conspired to give him a bad name. So the house arrest and siege must stop immediately. Kashy is innocent and we will not hand him over to the Americans.
Have they finished catching all the drug barons in their country, what is so special about our own. If they they catch him, will it stop all the drug trafficking in their country? Please they should leave our own Kashy, is that the Boko Haram that want to help us catch? They know how to bring arrest warrant to deliver, why can’t they take it to Sambisa forest and see what will happen to them?
Abeg, leave my brother o, let him give me the Rolls Royce, I need to sell it to buy food and fuel for the teeming population who cannot afford to eat daily.
Joseph Edgar is an investment banker who writes as a hobby from a very interesting point of view.