I will not miss the following people, Femi Fani Kayode, DOYIN Okupe, Olisa Metuh, Dr. Reuben Abati, Muazu, Orubebe and a host of all Lilliputians who contributed in no small measure to making this regime the laughing stock of the whole world.
They in their no small measures ensured that the mobile comedy show continued and did not end even after the elections were won and lost. Recently, they have turned on themselves and the circus has continued. FFK accusing and counter accusing the NWC of the PDP and those ones fighting back and threatening to expose him.
Too late, nothing to expose. We already knows he is dating a very beautiful and young lady who has been exposed to the best Nigerian tax payers can afford. From flights in Private jets to come and take exams, to driving in brand new Range Rover cars and generally living the good life and inspiring all other young girls to forget to work very hard for tomorrow’s blessing. So Olisa look for something new to tell us because FFK is an open book.
I’m happy this crew is leaving the stage. I hope they will also leave the party stage so that our party can rebuild and remerge. I suspect this new Government would need a responsive and well guided opposition party to keep them on their toes.
Joseph Edgar is an investment banker who writes as a hobby from a very interesting point of view.