This boy or is it man for the last one week have been regaling  the whole world about the thievery, greed and selfishness in his family. The aim for this self degradation continues to elude me. 
Why for the life of me would someone go on social media to call his family names to the exte nt of listing the things he does for his family and which according to him have not made them fall on on their knees to worship him. 
This shows a total lack of modesty on his part portraying him as an infidel and ungrateful lass. I’m sorry for my harsh words but I fail to see the reason why any sane person should expose their mother to such a high level of ridicule. 
I have always told myself that my mother is one person I will never fight in my life, my mum who sold bread in this Lagos as an army officer so that I could go to school, my mother who while watching me being flogged at the Command School for stubbornness and indiscipline offered to take some of the cane for me, my mother who dropped everything in Uyo to come to Lagos by road to kneel down and beg my wife when she threatened to leave me. 
That mother who despite fighting in the civil war still had time to breast feed me while going and coming from the warfront as a military nurse. That same mother I will come and now be abusing and ridiculing on Facebook for whatever reason. See at my age, nearing fifty, I still cry anytime my mother annoys me and I tell you she has the baddest mouth in this country. 
When she starts, she doesn’t finish all I do is just stand infront of her with my kids crying. My children will join in the tears and my last child, Zara will ask her grandmother, ‘Gmama, why are we crying’ and everybody will just bust out laughing. 
My brother Adebayor, there are better ways of solving these family wahala. Every family has them but blood is blood. Even Femi and Seun Kuti have resolved their problem, so get the President of your country to call a peace parley and solve these problems once and for all. Spare us the details Abeg. ‎