Governor Oshiomole did most ugly men proud this week by marrying the most beautiful woman he could find. The fact that he went as far as the Cape Verde does not remove from this victory. This marriage has defied all boundaries, age, height, colour, looks, status and anything you can think of. Love indeed conquers all. When I saw the pictures I was amazed and became deeply proud of Oshiomole, the girl fine. Kai. 
Edo state people should be very proud. They now have a First Lady that can truly and well represent them in the international arena. This First Lady would not be interested in the wahala that comes with those boring summits the other First Ladies usually attend. I see Edo State being truly represented in the hallowed halls of the international Fashion Shows, Grammies, oscars and highly glamorous sporting Events. She will be another Princess Diana who will bring international spotlight to Edo State. 
You guys think that he does not know what he is doing. With a very high rate of single girls daily being exported to Europe mostly from Edo, this First Lady’s job is immediately cut out for her. As a young lady she should throw herself into this matter and bring restitution to the people of Edo by ensuring this is stopped forthwith. 
That is all I will say about this marriage. I am controlling myself, because I can not gauge Oshiomole’s self control especially on this matter so I won’t yab him too much. Even though, I have a lot to say especially on my eagerness to see the looks of their offsprings, his performance in the dark room, if he will take another wife maybe this time from Hawaii and if he will be taking her on his numerous official duties. 
But let me hold my peace for now and send him my wedding gift, six cartons of Viagra. ‎