My candid advice to the Governors of Cross River,Osun and those states that can’t pay salaries is to go and look for the Boko Haram Leader and claim the $1.6b bounty reward that is on his head. That is the simplest way they can get money to save their shame.
With the continuous problem in federal revenues, the Incoming Government of Buhari which promises to be restrictive in initiative, these Governors would need to be more creative in shoring up their state finances. They should deploy all those security men that follow them everywhere into this project.
Find Shekau and get the money so that you can pay salaries. Me, I don’t have respect for these Governors and I’m particularly embarrassed by Governor Lyel Imoke who I believed was more cosmopolitan and urbane to understand how to build a modern economy that would create private sector jobs which would now be effectively taxed thereby securing his position in history.
Every time this issue comes up, all I can remember is Ogbeni of Osun on top of a Bus in Lagos and throwing money into the crowd when he had not been paying salaries. This is adult truancy and I beg that something should be done urgently. These states have abundant resources that can be utilized in creating wealth. Osun has huge natural resources, internationally acclaimed tourist sites, gold deposits amongst others.
Cross river tourism is globally recognized, huge forests containing all sort of natural resources, huge human capital capabilities amongst others and yet we are hearing that salaries are being owed. No be to live for State House, drive in ten car motorcade na him be Governor o.
Finally, they can also talk to Aliko. Instead of Aliko wasting all that money on Arsenal, he should buy Calabar rovers at a premium or borrow the Government the money using the State House as Collateral. Me, I real tire for these so called yeye Governors. ‎