I was at Olisa’s man cave tucked inside sleepy but highbrow Ikoyi recently. The plush apartment was a single girls delight. Comfy couches, concert memorabilia and like six split Air conditioners all humming so effortlessly while the well stocked bar just stared at you daring you to ask for that drink it cannot provide.
I only just met Olisa when I went to his Radio station to plug my charity football match which was organized recently to raise funds for kidney patients in the country. As I was being prepped up for the interview, my curious self peeped into a door and behold was Olisa  on one of the stools trying to keep busy.
I immediately walked in and introduced myself and there began a friendship I hope will last to the next generation. A nice guy with a cool mien, Olisa and I started talking, looking for what we could do together and finally a joint project with Mike Aremu one of the most gifted saxophonist in the country emerged. 
Now, I have a little story to tell about Mike. One of those years, when my wife caught me again with the daughters of the devil and refused to give me food to eat, I rushed to Mike to come and put mouth. I had only just met him two weeks earlier. My plan was that if an internationally recognized saxophonist with a rich repertoire of nice romantic songs carefully played in the smoothest of styles, played for my wife my problem will be solved and I can continue with my other career.
So I briefed Mike very well and that day, despite his tight schedule appeared at the venue, a lush lounge on the island with his well polished Sax and cool Afro.  He introduced himself to my wife, who gave him a cold stare and just ignored him. Mike, believing in the power of his tunes started playing.
 Ol’boy Mike play that day o, other ladies in the lounge started crying and were moved. I could see them kissing their hubbys’ but my madam no move. Infact the frown got worse, I begged Mike to try some Yoruba tunes since the oyibo one was not working.
Mike started playing some IK Dairo tunes and a faint smile came up. My Yoruba princess was awakening and then Mike hit her with Victor Olaiyas Classic baby jo wo, by this time foluke was up on her fit and shaking that waist that had mesmerized me for years. I was so happy and thanked Mike and wished him well in his career. So we went home and I ended again on the couch instead of the bedroom, Kai mike’s cure only ended in Victoria island o, it did not follow us to Shomolu. 
But ever since, Mike has continued to be my friend, so you see why this coming together of these two showbiz legends to organize this year’s sax appeal is making me feel excited all over again, simply because I am still on the coach and hoping that this time Mike’s healing balm will give a more lasting solution to my wahala with madam. ‎