South Africa President, Jacob Zuma has signed a new bill which requires HIV positive South Africans to volunteer to be marked near their genital area with a tatoo depicting their status.

Over 6 million people in South Africa

are living with HIV and the rationale behind this new move is to curtail the further spread of the disease in the country.

According to sources, Zuma also promised to pay the first 10 million who comply an equivalent of N840, 000 (50 000 Rands) each.

After signing the bill, he said “The mark is to protect those who can’t say no to sex. I mean if you can’t read between the lines you should read between the legs because that’s where the status would be tatted. The choice to be HIV positive is now in your hands or your genitals for that matter….

We also encourage those who had been living with the virus to go to the nearest public hospitals to get their status tatted in,”Let there be no more shame, no more blame, no more discrimination and no more stigm. Let the politicisation and endless debates about HIV and AIDS stop,” Zuma affirmed.