Chelsea midfielder, Cesc Fabregas haps jumped to the defence of his countryman, Iker Casillas who was heavily criticised by fans after Real Madrid’s 2-2 draw at the Bernabeu last weekend.
The 33 year-old ex Arsenal player a midfielder believes the Los Blancos skipper has been unfairly treated by the public despite his years of service to the club.

The Premier League winning footballer told Cadena COPE “I didn’t see what happened and I only know what I’ve been told. I’ve defended Iker many times and deservedly so because I’m really sorry about it. If I have to I’ll do it again without any problem.

“He is a great captain, a great person, a great footballer and a
great friend. There isn’t much else to say because you only have to look at what he has done for the national team and Real Madrid.”

He added. “You must try and stay strong, concentrate on football and do the best you can. If you analyse it then at times it can be your fault, although sometimes there are other circumstances.

“I think if you’re at your best then you won’t get whistled at, while at other times maybe you are not at your best or the team has lost. My case is different from Iker’s because he has won the public over a million times.

“Things can change overnight in football and you can play in the
Champions League final, save a penalty and become God again.
“One day you are very good, the next day you are very bad, but
in the end it’s you who needs to know who you are and how it
is,” he noted.‎