The past few days have been a bit traumatic for Bayern Munich’s  Jerome Boateng after his infamous slip beside Barcelona’s Lionel Messi during the Catalans’ 3-0 first-leg Champions League victory over Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou. 
The German has been the butt of jokes and subject of comical memes of football fans worldwide. Some even recreated the video of his shocking fall and shared it to the world. His reaction to the ridicule came in form of a meme posted to his ‘haters’ few days back.
Italian international, Mario Balotelli is one of the very few people who have (un)surprisingly come to his defence.

The Italian posted the above photo on his instagram page hitting back at Boateng’s critics.

He wrote: “@jeromeboateng many people take the piss but they might have forget few months ago he won this. Keep it up bro”


Who knows? This might be a subtle sub.