The Spanish football federation has suspended of all of its fixtures, including La Liga matches, over TV rights. The planned suspension which will commence on May 16 will carry on indefinitely. The implication here is some of the remaining matches in the season would be postponed and this might also lead to players in different clubs leaving
for other leagues.
‎Below is La Liga’s statement on the issue news:
The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has been negotiating several key issues with the Spanish government in the past few months, including a new TV deal that would see league income spread more evenly among all clubs, as reported by NBC Pro Soccer Talk’s Joe Prince-Wright .
Negotiations were slow, to the frustration of both players and the RFEF, and as reported by ESPN FC’s Dermot Corrigan, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Bayern Munich’s Xabi Alonso were among the players backing a potential strike from the players association:
Excerpts from a statement from LFP
” If the strike called is declared illegal and the La Liga matchdays referred to in its announcement are suspended , an application for the appropriate damages will be lodged and the affected clubs may undertake those disciplinary measures they consider suitable.
The LFP wishes to reiterate its surprise at the manifestly illegal actions that the RFEF and AFE are engaging in, given the serious damage they could cause their members . The LFP will not cease to defend the rights of its members before all authorities necessary”