Bayern Munich coach, Pep Guardiola was visibly pained yesterday after  Barcelona’s Lionel Messi caused a stir in the Champions League  match against Bayern last night by scoring two goals and setting up the third for teammate, Neymar.

He praised his team and insisted his men controlled the game well but lost their grip after the visitors’ first goal. He also commended the Blaugrana’s team efforts but did not acknowledge the brilliance of the man of the match.

” I will not say what I think of Messi. They are not just Leo, Barca are a very good team . They were very solid , in defence and attack . They have great players , Neymar , Luis Suarez . We tried to control the game so that Messi would not participate so much . We were 15 minutes away from a very good
result . ‎”

Bayern would need 4goals to knock their opponents out of the race. The Spaniard ‎who coached the spanish team for over 3 years doubts that his team will turn things around when they meet for the second leg.

“You can turn around a one or two-goal deficit, but three is tough.”‎ He added.