The new wave of online food ordering business has continued to gain ‎momentum. Thanks to the internet and technological devices; notably ‎smartphones, tablets/PCs.

I learnt about the online food ordering business few years ago from a friend. She wanted to quit her job and needed my help with publicity to start the business which was relatively new then. Candidly, the idea sounded very strange and unfeasible to me. The picture became clear to me last year.

Ordering food online and having it delivered to you in the fastest time possible is such a huge deal to most especially working class people who deal with a plethora of customers or work everyday and find it difficult to move a muscle out of the office to fill their stomachs. Even at home, there are times you’ll be so busy with chores that you won’t even remember the kitchen.

A journalist who has few hours to meet the deadline to submit his cover story for the week will be more interested in dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s than going out to eat. Especially when he is just settling down to work. He is hungry and won’t mind sending anybody to get him food but unfortunately no one is available so he has to endure.
How about taking few minutes to browse through the website of an online food delivery company, choosing the menu you want, placing an order for food and having it delivered to you under or in an hour? That sounds magical, in actual fact it is.

It isn’t only fast and convenient, it will also make you skip the hassle of going out in the scorching sun to get food or waiting for the rain to stop. You get the comfort of ordering for whatever food you want and even tracking your order. 

I remember saying “Wow” repeatedly after I checked Hellofood Initially I thought it was just a new restaurant who just got itself a website. Alas! I was wrong. hellofood is simply a delivery service that gives you access to over 200 popular and top-flight restaurants or food outlets in major Nigerian cities such as AbujaPort Harcourt and our very own Lagos.

More interesting is that the site has a large section of menu items/ wide range of cuisines to choose from. You patronise X ice cream parlor because their yoghurt and ice cream are second to none and then you can’t think of buying Pepper chicken in any other place asides L restaurant because theirs are the best in town. So what happens when Restaurants X and L are listed on hellofood? Amazing right?

You can crave for a Chinese meal in the morning, burger and sandwiches for lunch, shawarma, pizza and a bowl of ice cream in the evening or for dinner and get ALL delivered to you at once via hello

Downloading their app here on your device also makes it easy.

So stuck in traffic, on a break, returning from a journey and too tired to cook, giving a friend a surprise birthday cake, simply place the order quickly and easily on the site and have them delivered to you at the speed of light.