Who would have thought the girls would still be in captivity by now? Members of the deadly sect, Boko Haram beseiged the hostel of the Government Day Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria pretending to be guards and at gunpoint abducted over 200 girls who were preparing to write their final Secondary School Certificate Examinations. It was on the night of April 14, 2014. Exactly a year ago.
Needless to say, The past one year has been very traumatic for the girls as well as their families/relatives. And unfortunately about 20 parents have died of heart attack and frustration.

“For nearly 365 nights I have knelt and prayed for their return. We are in one house with four families in a compound. We are almost refugees in our country. Anytime I hear a noise it feels as if Boko Haram is coming for us.” An agonized parent said.
The government’s endless promises have offered not a glimpse of hope. Several campaigns have been launched nationally, protests and meetings held in different parts of the country, the issue has sparked global outcry.
The campaign for the release of the girls has been tagged “The most iconic fight of a freedom struggle.” Till the girls are found, this according to Prof Wole Soyinka will remain an open sore in the conscience of our nation.
Please spare some prayers for the girls and their troubled families.