The madness has started today–mum and dad are at it again. One would think they’d have found a way to live together successfully after so many years, but it only seems to get worse by the day.
Lastweek it was about the fair corper down the street, today it’s dad’s new secretary at work. Every fight always has a girl attached to it. Still, mum never learns.
The other day after seeing some old pictures of her when she was younger and slimmer, I asked if she thought losing some weight might make dad happy. All she said was that it isnt my fault, that if she hadn’t had my brother and I, would she have blown up so? I really don’t get how we are to blame for her letting herself go though.
I remember suggesting that she change her usual lowcut hairstyle for a while too and she just shut me up. She never does anything differently, yet she expects different results. 
I’m even starting to think she actually enjoys the bickering. I’m the closest person to dad in this house, and his spitting image too, why won’t she ever take any advice from me? I’m fourteen, not stupid!
Ini never agrees with me either. Somehow mum is perfect in his eyes and dad is just a pathetic womaniser. But what does he know? He’s barely a year older than I am.
At first the fights used to terrify me. My childhood was lived in perpetual fear of either or both of my parents leaving the house. Later I learnt to stay in my room with my earphones plugged in till the yelling subsided. These days however, I have an even more attractive distraction from the drama.
Uncle Dan is our nextdoor neighbour and has taken an interest in me. I don’t remember exactly how we got so close in the past few months, but I love that he listens to me. He even looks at me like I’m a grown woman and not just some awkward, pimply-faced teenager. The first time he kissed me at his place, I felt rather uncomfortable. But he’s so very mature and nice, I know he was only trying to help me feel better. 
We’ve kissed several times since then, and by the urgency in his hands when he held me the last time, I can tell he’s going to want us to try some other things the next time we see. I don’t think I’m ready and I really wish I could talk to mum about everything that’s been going on. But that’ll have to be someday when she isn’t busy cursing dad at the top of her voice.
“Ire, where are you going?”
I roll my eyes at my aunt Clara, mum’s younger cousin that spends her holidays with us . I’m headed next door for some sweet escape but of course I’m not about to tell her that. All my adoration for her vanished lastnight after I caught her on daddy’s laps at the dining table when they thought everyone had gone to sleep. 
It’s one of the things I need to talk to uncle Dan about today. I know he’ll always come up with something nice and reassuring to say. I can only hope today isn’t the day he’ll want to take things further…
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