‎Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs has reportedly made up with his younger bro,  Rhrodri after ruining his marriage. 

The relationship between the siblings became very strained after Rhodri’s wife admitted an eight-year affair with the football star and added that she aborted Ryan’s baby weeks before she got married to Rhodri in Las Vegas.
Natasha and Rhodri’s marriage hit the rock after Natasha’s affair with his brother-in-law became known to the public in 2011. They divorced two years after. ‘He demolished my family for sex’ Ryan Giggs’ brother was once quoted.
Now the brothers have sheathed their swords and were even spotted at a club in  Manchester’s Neighbourhood Bar on Easter Sunday after Ryan phoned his brother.
A source close to the pair revealed that, “Rhodri moved on a long time ago but he was never going to contact Ryan. He was adamant Ryan had to make the first move as he was the one who had done wrong.”‎