Police in Sierra Leone stormed the outskirts of Freetown last week Thursday and arrested 13 people for organising an unsafe burial for  a 50 year-old man.
Police superintendent Da Samah said asides the fact that they risked the spread of the fatal disease, the organisers had no burial permit or other required documents required to organise the ceremony.
“We stopped the burial and we have put out an alert for an ambulance which eyewitnesses said brought the corpse to the cemetery,” he said.
Alimamy Kamara, head of the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) in Freetown added that culprits i.e people organising unsafe burials risked two-year jail terms.

“People should adhere to the government policy of safe and dignified burials so that we can end the high rate of transmission of the Ebola virus,” he concluded.