Reactions have continued to trail President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari’s missing Secondary School certificate which was found by the Nigerian Army few days ago. 
The All Progressives Congress (APC) party pointed accusing fingers at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and added that it was one of the tactics deployed to stop the retired military man from contesting in the presidential election. Below is a statement from them.
Someone working for the PDP obviously removed the certificate from his file at the Defence Headquarters. This is part of the strategies the PDP deployed in their campaign of calumny.
All Change Agents who worked tirelessly to repel the Jonahideens should pop something wherever you are. We know it was foolhardy to say that Buhari had no certificate. But try as we did to convince them that this was a non issue, they refused to shift ground.

It was even most disgraceful that the Director General of the PDP Presidential Campaign organisation was a Retired Colonel, in the person of Ahmadu Ali. He should have cautioned them about bringing the Military to disrepute. He did not.

This singular act as far as I am concerned did more damage than good to the PDP.

Beyond bringing out Buhari’s certificate, there is an urgent need to restore pride and sanity to the military. As it stands now, the Nigerian Army, is an Army of 

anything goes! There have to be a clean sweep and overhaul of the military from top to bottom!

The entire top echelon at the Defence Headquarters should turn in their resignation and leave with President Goodluck Jonathan on the 29th of May, so that the process of rebuilding and restoration shall begin in earnest.

To God be all the Glory!