‎The collation of the presidential election results is still very on. General Muhammadu Buhari is still leading the polls. During the course of the event, an aggrieved PDP official, Mr Godswill Orubebe interrupted the exercise and accused the INEC Chairman. Professor Attahiru Jega of being tribalistic and bias.
He held once to the microphone, sat on the stage alleging that Jega ‎didn’t acknowledge a letter sent by his party asking him to investigate elections conducted in Kano, Katsina, Kaduna and Jigawa. ‎”‎Mr Chairman, we don’t believe in you anymore. Nigerians will not allow this.” He said.
A calm and matured Jega in his response advised the man to watch his public conduct adding that ‎he channelled his grievances through a wrong channel.  “As we are here, right now, I am yet to receive petition that I’m being accused of ignoring. I did not release results.” He said.
Collation Updates:‎
PDP : 323 653
APC : 657, 678
PDP: 149, 222
APC : 792, 460
PDP : 632, 327
APC: 5,194
PDP: 361,209
APC: 361,245
PDP: 96 873
APC: 28,368‎
PDP: 414, 863‎23.
APC: 69, 238
PDP: 1, 487, 075.‎
‎Results after 23 states + FCT
APC: 10,384,899
PDP: 9,953,432
Margin: 431,467