Chelsea legend, Didier Drogba has re‎vealed his decision to mentor Chelsea’s young generation. The Ivorian who made a sensational return to the club from Galatasaray last summer

On why he is contributing his input to the team, the former Marseille player said,  “They’re going to be there – we won’t be any more (in

the long-term) so it is up to us to give them all they need and‎

pass it on to the younger players as well.

He continued, It’s important for us, the older players, to be there to support them, but at the same time it’s even more important for them to take the lead now, to feel there is no restriction from us.

“They can play, they can talk, we can debate and exchange

because all we’re doing now is for the team – to be better next

year, in two years and five.”