Different football media outlets, different lists. A month ago, goal.com named Portuguese striker, Cristiano Ronaldo the wealthiest player in the world. Argentine attacker, Messi has emerged the richest player on another football rich list.

France Football magazine‎ who compiled the rich list stated that Lionel Messi raked in almost £1million a week last year in wages and sponsorship deals. They added that  his endorsement deals with adidas, FIFA 15 and Turkish Airlines, saw his income rise to £47.8m in 2014.
Coming right behind the Barcelona star is his rival, Cristiano Ronaldo with an income of £39.7m. Occupying the 3rd spot on the list is Messi’s teammate, Neymar with £26.8m.
1. Lionel Messi £47.8m
2. Cristiano Ronaldo £39.7m
3. Neymar £26.8m
4. Thiago Silva £20.2m
5. Robin van Persie £18.8m
6. Gareth Bale £17.5m
7. Wayne Rooney £16.5m
8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic £15.8m
9. Sergio Aguero £15.6m
10. Robert Lewandowski £14.8m