If you still consider social media as perfect waste of time, you should have a rethink after this. Forget the fun, no-holds-barred discussions and all, social media saves lives too. Here’s another proof. Three children abandoned at a New Delhi Railway Station returned to their mother after a trend on social networking site, twitter.
A passerby who saw the miserable kids tweeted their picture, asking “Can someone help these helpless kids at New Delhi railway station near platform 16 entrance”. The post got more than 200 retweets and attracted the attention of the police.
After being fed, the kids aged, 4,5 and 7 explained that they were taken 3km from home by their father and abandoned at the spot where he instructed them to “Stay here till your mother finds you.”
The Police are still investigating how their father managed to take them from their home without their mother’s knowledge. The most important thing is they were found and returned home safely.