The deputy to Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, Mr Tele Ikuru has defected to opposition party, People’s Democratic Party. Ikuru in a statement today described the All Progressives Congress Party as one founded on deception and falsehood.

“My dear People of Rivers State, I bring you honest and sincere greetings. Today, I address you out of the fullness of my heart. 
Recall that in December 2013, out of extreme loyalty to my boss and friend, I joined the APC, along with other then disillusioned Rivers People.

“Ever since, as the true nature and motives of APC are unveiled, I have continued to twist and turn in extreme mental and emotional agony. The more I struggle to 
belong, the more the Rivers man in me rejects the APC.

“After carefully studying, interacting and analyzing the leadership of the party, I have come to the sad conclusion that the APC is a party of rebels, insurgents and anarchists, clothed in robes of pretence and deceit. APC is a party founded on deception and it thrives on unholy propaganda and falsehood.He said.