Real Madrid defender, Pepe in an interview with Radio station Cadena Cope, outlined the coaching styles of former manager, Jose Mourinho and the incumbent one Carlo Ancelotti. He revealed that albeit Carlo is not lenient, his training sessions are much more challenging than that of the Chelsea boss.

“I think our training sessions under Ancelotti are much more intensive than they were under Mourinho. For instance, we did very demanding exercises that we didn’t do with Mourinho.

“We have to climb uphill and it’s very hard. Every manager has his own methods but for me is much harder to do that than training with the ball for 20 minutes.

“Ancelotti is not too lenient with us. He has a very distinguished curriculum and he demands a lot from us. Ancelotti will continue, there’s no doubt about that. He’s a great coach and in a short space of time has brought us a lot of happiness.

“Whenever we play at another ground in Spain, we can sense people don’t hate us like they used to when the other manager was with us. I am not criticising Mourinho but it is what I think.

Today, Madrid is a very big club; we’ve cleaned up our image. Now Isco gets an ovation when he goes off – that would have been unthinkable before.”