Buhari is sick! Buhari isn’t fit to rule the nation. Buhari is in the UK for treatment. Buhari isn’t back in the country. Buhari has returned.. sigh!
Governor Fayose of Ekiti’s interest in the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari’s case isn’t waning anytime soon.

He insisted that the APC is deceiving Nigerians by concealing Buhari’s true health status and also added that the latter’s return to the country after 10 days in the UK was like a thief in the night.

Below is a statement from his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka 

“A man who campaigned for four weeks, speaking for less than one hour in all the rallies put together and needed to rest for 15 days should just stay at home and be playing with his grandchildren rather than struggling to take up a job that he does not have the required mental and physical strength to do. 

“They brought in Buhari like a thief in the night and now they want to put Lagosians into more hardships by blocking major roads all in the name of a phoney one-million-man match. 
“Why not hold their rally in a designated place instead of embarking on a match that will cause chaos and hardships in the state?” 
“APC said Buhari went on working visit to UK while Buhari himself said he went to UK to rest. When asked by press men whether or not he ever visited any hospital in UK, Buhari said: ‘What is wrong for me to go the hospital?’
 “By this statement from Buhari himself, it is clear that APC and its lying leaders tried to fool Nigerians, lying so brazenly and using fake pictures to authenticate their lies. 
“Even though there is nothing wrong in Buhari going for medicare abroad, afterall he should be seeing his doctors more often at his age, it is shameful that APC lied so brazenly trying to cover up the obvious reasons Buhari travelled for 15 days. 
“What is wrong is the lies told to defend Buhar’s trip to the UK to rest and seek medicare. The fake pictures of Buhari walking the streets of London, the fake Tony Blair picture and the use of pictures taken in Transcop Hilton, Abuja and claming that the pictures were taken in London is the main issue. 
“Most importantly, presenting Buhari to us as a superhuman, who can never fall sick is what is wrong and Nigerians are expecting Buhari to apologise for all the lies told in an attempt to cover up the real reasons he (Buhari) travelled secretly to UK.” 

Credit: Thetrentonline.com‎