‎If you are a party staple and you derive so much joy in doing any of these, it’s important to note that it freaks some hosts out. Who would give you a pat at the back for being a nuisance after investing so much time, resources, money in such events? These are some of the things that drive them bonkers.

1. Show Up With A Date Who Wasn’t Invited
If you weren’t allotted a plus-one, there’s probably a reason. Maybe the host wanted to only invite close friends and family to keep the wedding intimate; maybe the space is small; or maybe there were budget restraints (just one extra guest can mean up to N3000 or even more depending on catering costs. 
2. Incessantly Take Photos
Hey folks, get off your phone! The host presumably spent countless hours pouring over party details to create an event that he/her friends and family would truly enjoy. Besides, the host hired a photographer, so leave it up to the pros and enjoy yourself. 
3. Hit On The Cake
Believe it or not, guests do this mistakenly… cakes are expensive these days and should only be handled by the caterer and an usher.
4.  Drink Too Much
Your friend’s party is just that — Know your limit and don’t go over it. Making a fool of yourself in front of everyone, falling all over the place or leaving the party early because you couldn’t handle your liquor isn’t the way you want your best friend’s new wife to remember you. Is it?
5. Hit On The Waiters
We get to see a lot of waiters being hit and it could be really embarrassing. 
Written by Helen Ozor. Helen is an events blogger. She blogs at helenozor.com.