The obsession here is a sharp contrast to the one we are all used to. The obsession The Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) is actually talking about is the negative type.

Director of Media and Information Technology of the BSO, Dr. Chidia Maduekwe has reacted to Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose’s claim that Buhari is medically unfit to rule Nigeria.
He said:‎ “The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayo Fayose, is suffering from what we call in medicine obsessive compulsive disorder, based on an appetite and a wish to see General Muhammadu Buhari dead.

“He is a psychopath, whose obsession has altered his sense of rational analysis of situations whenever he hears the name, Buhari. Unfortunately, he is not God and does not have control of the life of our revered General.

“Fayose should go back home and prepare to defend himself in the case of the massive rigging that led to the stolen mandate he currently enjoys and leave our general‎ alone”.