Would you pursue a degree or hire a graduate in Cristiano Ronaldo studies? This may actually work for an intern or fresh graduate seeking a position in a football company but then the chances are very slim.

Staffordshire University, UK once offered a degree in David Beckham. Now, the University of British Columbia Okanagan in Canada is offering a sociologyu course on 3-time world best footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. The course is titled “The Commodification of Cristiano Ronaldo.”‎

Adducing reasons for creating the course, Luis Aguiar, the professor behind it explained that, “Ronaldo is the center and every discussion, class meeting revolves around Ronaldo initially. And then we explore, we broaden out to larger themes. So it starts with Ronaldo but Ronaldo is almost like a springboard to talk about larger issues that are much more sociologically significant than just a biography of Ronaldo.”

The Portuguese legend doesn’t even know about it. “I don’t know if Ronaldo knows about the course. I haven’t heard from Ronaldo, I haven’t heard from his entourage. I would love to hear from either one, and I would love to have Ronaldo maybe”. He added.‎