Funny things happen in football! A heartbroken Santos fan has decided to sue Brazilian football star, Neymar Jnr for dumping his club for Barcelona.
Luciano Pereira Caparroz, a Brazilian lawyer filed the lawsuit against Neymar and N&N in a Sao Paulo courthouse a week ago for a total of €8,400 for moral and material damages.
He further explained that the amount was to cover the costs of his journey to Japan to support the team having spent the sum of €3,200 to attend the Club World Cup and watch Neymar and the rest of his team members play against Barcelona.
He was shocked to his wits later when he found out that his favourite player had signed a pre-contract to join Barcelona prior to their 2011 Club World Cup final in Japan.
“I’m a Santista, I go to all the games and I decided to travel to Japan to watch the Club World Cup.  I was left frustrated with the result and on top of that, later on we learned that Neymar was already sold.  I feel cheated.”
Credit: Inside Spanish Football