A group called Tokolos Stencil Collective have defaced the  Ray-Ban sun glasseps sculpture erected in the memory of the late former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela in Cape Town. Titled, ‘Perceiving Freedom’, the brilliant piece of art was done by Michael Elion. ‎
The vandals who stencilled ‘We broke your hearts’ and ‘Myopic Arts’ on the lenses of the glasses believe that it is not only commercially exploitative but is disrespectful to Mandela, because his eyes were severely damaged by the blinding whiteness of the limestone quarry he was forced to work on the island
Shortly after defacing the statue, the  radical activism group  sent out this statement.
 “As requested, Tokolos has heeded the call. You’re welcome to have someone check out the new and improved Ray-Ban Madiba glasses this morning before the authorities arrive… Aluta continua… Tokolos.”