This week on CNN’s ‘African Start-Up’, the co-founders of, Raphael Afaedor and Gbolahan Fagbure, describe how their Lagos-based online grocery store is helping consumers save time and avoid traffic while purchasing household items which are conveniently delivered direct to their homes. makes use of a network of supermarkets located throughout Lagos, delivering groceries in less than three hours through a cursory study of traffic patterns, offering the best delivery services to customers.
Raphael tells ‘African Start-Up’: “We’ve partnered with local supermarkets and retail outlets across Lagos, so we deliver everything from fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, dry groceries, medicines and office supplies”.
Raphael tells the segment that the major challenge in the busy city of Lagos is ease of movement within the terrible traffic, “So we decided to use this to our advantage by carefully mapping out the traffic patterns of certain areas and placing people in these areas to make delivery faster”.
This new ecommerce platform has been in existence for little under six months and aims to become Nigeria’s foremost supermarket, focusing on relieving Nigerians of the day-to-day hassles of a supermarket visit, including frustrations of traffic and long queues.
“Our business also benefits the local store we partner with, by serving as an additional channel that can help them increase their sales without necessarily physically expanding their shop floor or opening more outlets” concludes Gbolahan.
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