It’s not star studded, just a random shot and you wonder how this qualifies as the best selfie in the world. Well, the reason isn’t far-fetched, the couple, Andrew and Sally Rose Robinson, took it few seconds after they exchanged their vows. Then, they saw a competition, ‘World Selfie Awards’ online, sent their picture in and Voila! they won.

The bride, a nurse at  Royal Preston Hospital, said: ‘It did leave a few of my older relatives a little confused though as they couldn’t really figure out what we were doing.

I’m not really into Twitter or things like that but Andy saw the competition on there and decided to send it in – I had no idea!’

It was just a nice, fun thing to do and if other people feel like doing it at their wedding, they should just go for it.’

Andrew a chartered surveyor added, ‘I joked about taking a selfie at the wedding rehearsal as all our friends take them when we are out, but thought I’d be too nervous to do it on the day. As it turned out I wasn’t, so we decided to go for it, with the vicar’s approval, on my best man’s iPhone.

‘We thought the photo looked great, especially with the family in the background, so we put it on Facebook and it went huge.’

‘I was surprised when I heard we’d won and actually checked to see if it was for real as we’ve never won anything before.’

Source: Yahoo!News