Body, Soul & Spirit is a platform for transforming lives, fortifying the dignity of womanhood and raising change agents.
BSS, as it is fondly called, is an annual women’s event pioneered in 2007, as a platform for energising, inspiring and empowering women to aspire for greatness.

Women have the honour of fulfilling many roles, which usually translates into an unending schedule. This can get overwhelming, as they are submerged in the grind of everyday demands, which could make it rather daunting to dream, sharpen their edge or pursue the fulfillment of their dreams.
This could lead to settling for less, merely existing or settling into a state of mediocrity. Hence, Body, Soul & Spirit provides an avenue for projecting God’s counsel for women, countering negative conditioning and empowering women to demand more from life, while maximally fulfilling their purpose.
The event usually features activities packaged to provide physical, mental, spiritual and emotional reinvigoration and empowerment for participants. There has been a truly overwhelming influx of the event’s positive impact on Women.
One of many amazing testimonies is of a woman, who had spent 13 years taking care of her autistic child. She seemingly had lost the verve or desire to live for more. She had become immersed in the daily demands of taking care of her sick child, that it felt as if she merely existed. Life had lost its colour for her. Then, she attended an edition of Body, Soul & Spirit and the desire to live maximally was stirred in her spirit. She made up her mind that she would not be confined by her problems to live a life of mediocrity and started her own business.
At Body, Soul & Spirit, women by the power of God are set at liberty to break free from limitations, delays and mediocrity. Testimonies of fruitfulness, fulfillment of marital destiny, financial breakthrough, career upliftment, etc. abounds.
Segments of the event include- enlightening presentations, powerful prayer sessions, discussion/talk forums, makeover sessions, comedy, games, spirit lifting worship, and impactful ministrations, amongst others.

The event has previously been held only in Lagos, but due to the influx of women from all over the country and the event’s success rate, we have begun to spread its reach to other locations within and outside the country. Body, Soul & Spirit Ibadan was held in March 2014, while Calabar and Abuja are lined up for later next year.

BSS Lagos 2014 holds on the 1st of OCTOBER, 2014 at The Marquee, ALL SEASONS Plaza Agidingbi Road, Ikeja Lagos.

Time: 9:00am
Dress Code: Pretty in Pink
Music: ‘Big Bolaji’, Ibironke
Comedy: Peteru
Guest Speaker: Rev Mrs Funke Adejumo
To attend, Call 07086561988 and register at