Anywhere Emma Sulkhowitz, a student in a Columbian university goes, her mattress “follows”. She’s protesting the lack of disciplinary actions against a guy she claimed raped her two years ago in her dormitory. She made the mattress carrying a part of her thesis project and vowed not stop until her rapist is expelled from school.

The 23 year-old told reporters, “The past year or so of my life has been marked with telling people what happened in that most intimate, private space and bringing it out into the light. When it first happened, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t even tell my parents. … I didn’t even want to talk to my best friend. A mattress is the perfect size for me to just be able to carry it enough that I could continue with my day but also heavy enough that I have to continually struggle with it.’

The attacker has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple classmates on campus but surprisingly hasn’t been arrested. As a matter of fact, she and other victims reported the matter to school officials but they found the student in question ‘not responsible’. Reporting to the police didn’t help either

as the officer who took her statement learnt that she once had a sexual relationship with the rapist stated that he didn’t buy her story.