Georgia Nah, late Liberian-American’s mother, Patrick Sawyer’s mother is yet to come to terms with her children, Patrick and Princess and Patrick’s death. Few weeks before he came to Nigeria, July 6 to be precise, Patrick, 40, had visited his 27 year-old sister, Princess Nyuennyue, who was hospitalised in Liberia. A day after his visit, Princess died. Hospital officials never tested her for Ebola until her death and along the line, Patrick didn’t know he was exposed to the virus.
Daily Mail learns that Mr Sawyer, who worked for the Liberian Finance Ministry, was planning to return home to Coon Rapids, Minnesota, for two of his daughters’ birthdays in August but fell ill on a flight from Liberia in West Africa.
Though his sister had since been buried in Liberia, Mrs Nah who resides in Philadelphia wants to see a proof of his death. She told NB10, “I can’t stand it. I can’t sleep. Every day I think about them. I didn’t even know she was sick. My children were good children. At least send me something. To know that here are the death certificates, the results of the Ebola. I don’t have anything.”.