Seasoned filmmaker/actor, Charles Novia recently aired his opinion about the newly-released Dorobucci video. He listed 10 things wrong with it. According to him, it’s a “Great song, hit song. But the video wasn’t all that IMO.” Below are his tweets:

(1) Cinematography was cool. Concept was skewed. Video only sizzled at the beginning when Don Jazzy had his bit. The Head Honcho. However…

(2) Because it’s an ensemble song, to shoot an ensemble video requires more than what was given. The dysfunction started from the locale

(3) A song composed and hitting all nooks in Nigeria gets its video shot in South Africa. The organic steam of the track got lost in the vid

(4) The vid lacked the energy and originality of a Nigerian earthy dance visual. The SA dancers were just glib. That beat is unique to Naija

(5) There was a lack of charisma too in the ensemble segments. Only IDJA and Tiwa had screen presence. Others looked overwhelmed.

(6) Then, like that same house in Enugu they shoot those Osuofia movies over n over, the house in the Doro vid did look like the one P2 used?

(7) Or maybe it was bc the crowding of girls on the patio looked like the ‘Testimony’ concept? An overused concept though. Anyway…

(8) It was a good visual effort 4 a fantastic audio hit. But it cld have been better. Maybe a Sesan or Clarence could have interpreted better

(9) Just my thoughts. But anyday, I doff my hat for Don Jazzy’s musical ingenuity. 1of the greatest producers ever in Naija’s music history

(10) Total score for Doro video (over 10 in each category): concept: 4, cinematography: 9, interpretation: 5 originality: 4, choreography: 4

He also added. “And my opinion is basically my opinion. I nor force am for your throat. All said, go watch the ‘Dorobucci’ video and support Naija music”

Don Jazzy’s reaction.

“Points taken Bo$$. We ll definitely use them to make future projects better. Thanks a lot. #BeBetter #Mavin #Naija”

I’m sure most of you were expecting him to blow his tops or lambast him.