Pejman Montazeri, a defender in the Iranian national team is confident that they will stun the world and beat Nigeria tonight. He also added that when they deliver a wonderful result, people’s perception about their team being the “whipping team of Group F” would not only change, he’s hopeful some of their players will make it into international transfer window.

He told reporters, “We are not bothered by what people think of us. Everywhere you go you hear people say that we are the poor members of our group, but Monday will show who actually is the poor team here. We will definitely try to make our country proud. Our first and main objective is against Nigeria and we have to focus on that.

He continued, “We are probably the team that is the least recognized, the least known of all the other 31 teams, but the one thing that I can guarantee is that after 90 minutes we will earn the respect of the Nigerians, we will earn the respect of the football fans and the world will begin to recognize the level of play that we have on our team. The players are confident yet humble. This team is prepared to sacrifice, to suffer, to fight with humility and represent Iran the best possible way.”