LoL! Stories we hear! Deep sigh! He climbs stairs, crosses the road, does everything backwards; He wasn’t born that way. Mani Mani took up the challenge of walking backwards in 1989 in a bid to stop violent acts and achieve peace in his country, India. To walk normally is now a snag for him as he’s claimed he’s forgotten how to walk forwards. (Is that not easy?)

“Walking normally is more of a challenge – my mind has forgotten how to do it. I have become very comfortable walking like this.My life has been full of struggles, sacrifice, achievements and protest so I have no issue continuing my backwards walking until we achieve world peace.’You can see on an international scale terrorism has increased. There are so many blasts and the youth are misguided.To condemn such incidents I have been walking backwards for 25 years. My only agenda is world peace.” He told AFP