The whole world is talking about racism today. Thanks to Dani Alves’ who brilliantly handled a racist taunt yesterday. Recall that Barcelona full-back calmly picked up a banana thrown at him by a racist fan, peeled and ate it before carrying on with the game. That action has not only won him admiration worldwide, footballers and fans have also taken to their social media accounts to show support to the Barcelona star.
Injured Neymar star, led the pack, he tweeted picture of him and his son eating banana with the hashtag #weareallmonkeys. Several footballers have also followed suit; Chelsea’s David Luiz, Oscar, Willian also posted a similar picture. I’m sure Banana would be so expensive today.
The Brazilian star on why he ate the banana. “I’m in Spain for 11 years now and it happens since the start. You have to laugh at them. I don’t know who threw the banana but I want to thank him. It gave me the energy to put two more crosses in for our goals.”
Meanwhile, Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff has approved Neymar’s campaign #somostodosmacacos to defend Alves and all black people against racism.