There are good actors, great actors but some are exceptionally great. Seasoned Hollywood actor, Richard Gere falls into the three categories. He was recently spotted roaming the streets of New York like a homeless man but unknown to the unsuspecting public, it was for his new movie ‘Time Out Of Mind.’ Cameras were seen nowhere cos it’s been filmed from a distance.
Shot in Manhattan and believed to be worth $100 million, Gere plays the role of Sedgwick, a man who finds himself homeless and tries to turn his life around by reconciling with his estranged daughter.
Infact, a newspaper salesman who saw the actor actually believed things had gone bad for him. He told New York Post. “I saw him. He looked like a natural homeless guy. He didn’t seem like he was acting. He was an excellent homeless man. He was putting his hand in the trash. He looked like a real homeless guy finding something.”
A 42 year-old French tourist, Karine Gombeau, also stopped to give the legendary thespian her pizza after she saw him digging through a trash bin and drinking a beer from a brown paper bag. But Gere rejected offer. “Je suis désolée (I am sorry), but the pizza is cold. Thank you so much. God bless you.” He replied.
Few days later, the woman was shocked to see herself in a newspaper that the man she offered pizza to was Richard Gere. She told journalists, “It was magical, It’s crazy, this story. It’s unimaginable that something like this could happen. I think he’s very handsome, even at his age.”
Speaking about the new project, 64 year-old Gere said, “Time Out Of Mind has obsessed me for many years now. It is a profoundly human story that we are determined to make into a powerful film that speaks to everyone.”