The Nigerian man is becoming fashion-edgy and risks are being taken, boundaries crossed and rules broken; when it comes to how we dress in Nigeria. Seasons past, the Shorts-craze came and almost every Nigerian man wore shorts that were shorter than the usual length, but t tell you; the RED SHORTS are the most worn the world over and personally, I’d say; Most fashionable of them all.
With the 90 shades of RED, there are a wide range of shades you could play with. As a www.naijaboy there is a new FABGET (Fashion gadget) you should have; now let me tell you the various looks you can achieve with this trendy piece.
The Lagos-Boy look is that cool, calm and collected look with emphasis on accessories, with a pair of Red Shorts, a cool V-neck T-shirt, sneakers or sandals and of course the baseball hat! you can achieve this look that can take you from the party to the movies. This look is said to be very youthful and casual and in styling you Lagos-boy, colours are a friendly.
The PH-Boy look is the very dressy look, its a look that says “I am not going anywhere but I still can” throw in your RED SHORTS, a short-sleeve shirt and a pair of loafer and of course,the NEWS BOY hat (aka Papas cap). With this,you look casual but dressed up and this can really take you to a fashion event, movie premiere etc. Without a dime in your pocket you can look “rich” in this quite mature ensemble.
Now this is the simplest of all, this look has the usual Naija weather at heart,
The Abj boy look is just simplicity in sophistication, the look is as simple as wearing your RED SHORTS and a tank top with flip-flops! This look is extremely casual but to spice it up, a lil more jewellery would do the magic! Add up three(3) to five(five) piece of african hand beads and/or a cool neck chain, this would add a little mmph to the ensemble by making it look deliberate than unconscious.
The BOYLE Boy:
Lool well, oh yeah, that’s me! So I’d rock this three looks and more! Which means: I can throw in a good black blazer on a white or neon-green tanktop/v-neck T-shirt on my RED SHORTS with a great pam slipper or flat-sole loafer or sandal…or a denim top,red shorts,Gym shoes,a murse and my usual “eye-wear”
So wherever you are from; be sure to own a “LOOK” to this great and double-trending piece.
NB: the REDS are back and the SHORTS are still IN!
Article by;
(Fashion stylist and Designer)