Fashion buffs/Fashion forward ladies would agree that the knotted wrapper trend is going or has gone viral now. Virtually everyone on planet earth has caught up with the trend. Infact, 5 out of 10 ladies you see at events (weddings especially) are usually rocking the style, whether they are on ankara, lace, velvet or other fantastic fabrics.
It looks kind of complicated but surprisingly tying is very easy. I adore it because it’s a departure from the regular Iro and Buba tying that we are all used to. It’s stylish, unique and looks amazing on the wearer. Below is a step-by-step procedure.
STEP 1: Get a wrapper,wide enough for your hip size and long enough (depends on your taste.)
STEP 2: Spread your legs, (this would enable you move freely after the wrapper has been tied), then begin the tying process.
STEP 3: Pull the two ends together in front of you, holding one end in each hand.
STEP 4: Crisscross the two ends into each other or make a loop with the wrapper end in your left hand and put the wrapper end in your right hand through this loop.
STEP 5: Tie both ends at your back.
Voila! Get ready to partyyyyyyyyyy!