Enoch Balotelli, the 20 year-old brother of AC Milan star, Mario Balotelli has revealed his ambition of joining an English Premiere League team with his brother on board. Enoch Balotelli who has spent most of his career playing for lower leagues in Italy deems the life in England ideal.
“My dream is to be able to play alongside my brother, That’s what I always dream about, only not in Italy but in England. We left our hearts and many friends behind there and it’s a life which, in terms of football, is absolutely ideal for us. Mario’s going his way, and I’m going mine. I’ve never had any favours, otherwise I wouldn’t be here playing in the lower leagues.
If I’d received favours of any kind, I very much doubt I would be playing here, but people are always insulting me for that and my skin colour. I just pretend I don’t hear them and I never react. In footballing terms, I am and I always will be in [Mario’s] shadow. I’ve never had a real opportunity — something which could change my life.”
Credit: ESPN