The match between Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC which shockingly ended 6-0 few hours ago was Arsene Wenger’s 1,000th game in charge of the club. Sure most Arsenal fans had pictured a beautiful win to commemorate their Manager’s latest milestone in the club. But it turned out to be a disaster, a nightmare an embarrassing defeat on a day the whole Arsenal camp was supposed to be celebrating their iconic boss. The match unofficially ended at the 17th minute, after Chelsea had successfully netted in their 3rd goal. The rest they say is history.
Anyways, did anyone wonder why Jose Mourinho walked away at the 89th minute of the match? The general concensus is, he wanted to avoid a handshake with the Frenchman who he had been at loggerheads with of late (and all the time). But if you ask me, he probably went to have a good laugh somewhere. We know Mourinho, we know what he’s capable of doing.
Anyways, here are both coaches’ post-match comments.
No one else could blow Jose Mourinho’s trumpet better.
“We had 10 amazing minutes and with that you can win the game and show everybody that you won’t give a chance to any opponent. I was so happy with the approach, we came to kill and in 10 minutes we destroyed them. After that first 10 minutes, the job was easy. We pressed them high and well and attacked the space very quickly. We got the result with some numbers which are special for our fans, which makes it even more beautiful. ManCity have everything in their hands, Liverpool have everything in their hands. Nobody plays Champions League from the top four, they have just the Premier League matches to play and we have at least two big Champions League matches to play in between.”
Arsene Wenger on the other hand was devastated and he accepted “full responsibility for the defeat.
“This defeat is my fault, I take full responsibility for it. I don’t think there’s too much need to talk about the mistakes we made. We got a good hiding today. It’s how we respond now on Tuesday night against Swansea and the best way is not to explain too much the mistakes.Yes, of course it’s one of the worst days in my career. It’s over after 20 minutes and it’s a long game after that. You don’t prepare all week to experience that kind of experience.”
He also talked on the controversial handball incident that saw Kieran Gibbs mistakenly sent off and a penalty awarded to the Blues.
“I believe it was handball but the referee hasn’t seen it. The ball went out and I think it’s Chamberlain who touched the ball. I don’t know who gave indication to the referee that it was handball but he has certainly not seen it. Of course it’s a huge disappointment today but we want to win the next game now.”