I was at a friends house in Lekki when I noticed a bbm update about Tiwa Savage being arrested for some strange reasons. I became furious and out of curiosity, questioned the update and to my surprise, my friend informed me Tiwa violated traffic rule and even removed a policeman’s cap.
At this point I became more furious and embarrassed at this shameful, hideous behaviour. The first question that crossed my mind was “What is wrong with human beings? Isn’t Tiwa Savage one of our “celebrities”, role model and ambassador to other Nigerian citizens? Considering she’s an “Ambassador” for a couple of brands, I’m wondering if she knows what the term “Ambassador” stands for. However, I am certain some of us don’t think a lot should be expected taking account of the fact she’s not an ambassador for Nigeria but on the other hand, whichever brand she represents is a Nigerian Brand and domiciled in Nigeria which makes Tiwa a strong representative of the Nigerian community.

Quite frankly, What exactly are we celebrating? I love Tiwa Savage, she has an amazing voice but I honestly think she should be punished! Even if its some by doing some form of community task in order to pay for that uncultured, obnoxious act. Not by bribing her way out of the situation or by seeking help from top people in the country. She should also openly apologise to the Policeman in question and the people of Nigeria. (To whom much is given, much is expected.) I’ve seen the Governor of Lagos State comply with traffic rule and I was highly impressed, how much more Tiwa Savage? We all complain about our government officials and our leaders but this disgraceful act explains a lot about what and how we celebrate in Nigeria.
My piece isn’t a source for fame, it’s not my craving. I’m writing this as a Nigerian Youth who is concerned about the wellbeing of my fellow youths and growth of this country. Honestly speaking, we are the leaders of tomorrow and we all stand to benefit by doing things the right way. I love you Tiwa Savage, I’m a great Fan but You should exhibit traits of a good Role Model for the youths that look up to you.