This should be my 4th post on Mourinho this week. He really has been snaking into football headlines for the past one week. Shortly after Manchester City and Barcelona UCL clash, Mourinho had told ITV reporters the present Barcelona squad is the worst in many years.
Of course by history Barcelona is the favourite, but this Barcelona, this season, is showing that it is not the same as in previous years. Of course, they have Lionel Messi – he is special – and they have more than him. But I think this is the worst Barcelona of many, many years.”
Mourinho claimed.
After the Catalans beat City 2-0, Spanish international midfielder, Cesc Fabregas took a cheeky jibe at the self-acclaimed Special One. And of course, we don’t need a seer to tell us he was referring to the Portuguese coach.
” We had a great result tonight. The fans put so much pressure on and that’s what makes this so win special. We had a point to prove, and we did it very well. Some people were talking a bit too much before the game and now they have to shut up for a few days. You never know in football, but in three weeks we will have to play very, very well.”
Waiting for Mourinho’s robust reply.