Giant Spanish club, Barcelona have started the year on a very good note. The current Laliga champions have become the first in the world to reach 50 million fans on Facebook, their rivals, Real Madrid are behind with 46.7 million fans.

"Being the first sports club in the world to reach 50 million Facebook fans is a source of pride and at the same time a responsibility towards our followers. Barca is the world's most popular club and this is just the latest evidence of that. " Didac Lee, a Barca director affirmed.

Surprisingly, most followers are from Indonesia, not even in Spain the club's base.

Countries with the most Barca followers

(1) Indonesia (4.73 million)

(2) Mexico (3.5 million)

(3) Brazil (2.5 million)

(4) United States (2.1 million)

(5) Turkey (1.75 million)

Cities with the most Barca followers

(1) Cairo (746,000)

(2) Mexico City (666,000)

(3) Jakarta (623,000)

(4) Lima (481,000)

(5) Bogota (420,000)

Source: The Independent