The name Naiwood is really laughable. And Incase you're wondering where it sprang from; it's simply from NAIJA. Nai+wood=Nollywood. In an interview with Best of Nollywood, actor cum Producer, Yomi Fabiyi spoke at length about the name change and his opinion about the Nollywood at 20 celebration. "At the inception of the name Nollywood, we all embraced it with open arms without even probing the source. As time went by, few flashes of some ill motives surfaced but one is careful raising an unfounded intentions until some set of people wish to celebrate Nollywood and think it is write to say its 20years just to promote a seemingly tribalistic intention. We have notable movie icons and veterans from all clans and tribes who are behind this and trust me they will be known much more later. But if you sample people's opinion, if they won't hide behind a finger, they will tell you Nollywood name is not a unifying factor and no government whatsoever should support such henceforthOn What he hopes to achieve with this? The change is already in the pipeline and no matter how long it takes, the genuine vanguards will not stop and the government needs to understand our position on this as well as the media. Its not a fight against an individual or group of people. We are fighting against injustice to history and heritage. Silence is a sin and a damage to us as well as people coming behind will do damage to our integrity. The change will give birth to an original acronymn conceived by Nigerians from a genuine and historical point of view. An acronymn that will have a working committee behind it and unify the entire entertainers. It will involve all entertainers that have acted in a movie or used movies to propagate their works.Have you asked yourself why 20years with d name Nollywood. A name we all believe represent Nigerian Movie Industry. The change will be effective if sane and honest film makers begin to blatantly debunk and decline any event, parastatal associated to the name Nollywood and explain to them the motive behind and the seemingly division and tribalistic traits it potends. It will spread like wide fire, God grant us long life.We would have maintain with Nollywood irrespective of how we got the name but some set of people who by virtue of the support they get from the Federal Government feels they can use that to force an ill-history and heritage on the entire nation. President Goodluck, most of all these Governors when very young grew up to the existence of movies in Nigeria now they gave out people's sweat and fortune to celebrate such mediocrity. It is a shame and the future may not favour them and their legacies too because they are watching this happen.He continued, "If some Nigerians over 50years ago out of bravery, quest for quality and national pride could shoot films on celluloid, a medium regarded as a definition for movie amongst world film makers can have them shrugged off history with a celebration to what they represent and die doing then there is need for serious concern."If all the media and stakeholders wash your hands against the historical injustice the "NOLLYWOOD @20″ does to the movie industry and dead and living movie icons I am sure you can't wash their CONSCIENCE. If you feed from this noble industry, remembered some laboured with their lives decades over decades ago to sustain it. I will keep saying my own, no malice is intended, I am not after any individual but the truth must be told." He concluded.Read full interview –