Every one is entitled to their own views/opinions. I was really going to work on a makeup story and then I came across a post with the above before&after makeup picture on a fashion website. I was really shocked at the negative comments it generated, albeit this fraction doesn’t really represent the opinions of all men.
I have nothing against (well, makeup most ladies don’t ) even though I hardly wear them these days, but wait a minute people buy products to correct one or two defects in their bodies, what makes the face so different? if I come across a product that can cover my thoroughly freckled face, why wouldn’t I buy it? Needless to say makeup enhances one’s features, covers skin blemishes and give you that flawless look.
Read some of the comments.
(1) The girl in the photo is apparently not satisfied with the way she looks without makeup and uses makeup to artificially portray a person more people would find attractive.
(2) I think it is deceitful, men go for looks and for most looks are an important aspect of your potential partner.
(3) The level of deceit is so high that wearing a certain amount of makeup should be deemed a criminal offense:
(4) Looks like two completely different people. It’s amazing what makeup can do. Personally I think that this level of makeup should not be allowed, because it dramatically deceives.
(5) Women get up every day, and one of the first things they do before they even leave the house is put on a face that lies to the world. The majority of women even refuse to be seen in public without their liar’s face on. And they claim men are deceptive…ha!
(6) Really not trying to sound mean here, but I was always against makeup until I saw this photo. I always preferred natural beauty, even with some imperfections (who doesn’t have them), But that is literally a photo that goes from “No” to “Hello”.
What do you say?